Iserv covers ArtPrize hotspots with free Wi-Fi, seeks sales and tech folks to fill jobs

Grand Rapids-based Iserv has been incredibly busy covering some of ArtPrize's busiest hotspots in downtown Grand Rapids with free public Wi-Fi while also seeking new employees to fill call center technology-assistance jobs and sales positions. The job growth is due to the company's continued growth as a business-to-business provider of voice services, Internet services, data networking, and co-location services.

As a sponsor of ArtPrize, Iserv implemented free Wi-Fi at some of the highest traffic art venues in 2012 where 10,000 users tapped in. In 2013, free Wi-Fi zones include Rosa Parks Circle, inside the Grand Rapids Art Museum, inside the ArtPrize Hub on Sheldon Avenue, inside the ArtPrize Clubhouse at J. Gardella's, in the park between the Blue Bridge and the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and on the Blue Bridge. All free Wi-Fi zones except the ArtPrize Clubhouse zone will remain operational after ArtPrize.

"Wi-Fi is faster for accessing the ArtPrize app and for voting for art," says Iserv's Director of Business Development Jeff Potter. "The Wi-Fi augments some of the coverage areas where cellular coverage is weaker, like inside a building. Carriers have data limitations, so users tend to look for free Wi-Fi services so they can conserve on their data plan."

To access the free Wi-Fi, simply search for a network when you're within the zone, click on 1 FREE WIFI-ISERV and then on the button to connect you to the Internet.

Regarding the job openings, Iserv's HQ at 5222 33rd St. SE looks to fill a half-dozen positions, including a handful of call center technology support positions and at least one salaried account executive position.

The company, which has 50 employees, offers call center support 24/7 and these jobs are ideal for college students who have classes during the day and need part-time work in the evening, Potter says. The company is looking for people who are technology-centered, and who are committed to the local community and serving customers who live here.

To apply for a position or to get more information, click here.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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