Serving more schools creates need for two Kent School Services Network coordinators

Kent School Services Network, a human services organization that serves 16,000 students in 28 Kent County schools, seeks two new coordinators who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Part of the need comes from KSSN adding a new school, Westwood Middle, to its client list.

"We're in our eighth year as community school initiative, bringing health and human services to the poorest schools," says Executive Director Carol Paine-McGovern. "We break down barriers to learning, create a neighborhood hub at the schools so students and parents don't have to drive to get the help they need. We're creating opportunities for services right in the school setting where they're comfortable."

Each school coordinator works within a specific school, communicating with faculty, students, and parents to get help for students who don't get enough to eat at home, don't have clothing, have transportation issues, or maybe have parents who don't speak English.

They coordinate connections with agencies who can provide services, such as Network180 and the Department of Human Services. Children who are struggling in school, or whose families need food stamps, family therapy, or other interventions, can be referred to the KSSN coordinator by a teacher or principal, or can come to the coordinator directly.

With the addition of Westwood Middle School, the coordinator from Burton Elementary/Middle will move to Westwood, leaving an open coordinator position at Burton. A second position is at Stocking Elementary.

Paine-McGovern says she's looking for someone with a bachelors' degree, who is bilingual and has an entrepreneurial spirit, with strong communication skills and the ability to speak to groups and pull various people together for a common cause.

"You're not in an office, you're out in the schools melding a lot of job responsibilities and juggling lots of types of partnerships," she says. "We want someone who can be a strong communicator with principals, teachers, parents, and partners in the process."

To apply, click here, then on Employment Opportunities.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Kent School Services Network
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