Grand Haven-based Media 1 looking for Microsoft SharePoint programmers for continued success

As Grand Haven-based Media 1 wraps up its 19th year, the company continues to move ahead with positioning itself as a consultant in business performance improvement. Along with that comes a need for Microsoft SharePoint programmers and developers to join the company.

Although Media 1's VP of Operations Harrison Withers didn't pin down an exact number of how many programmers the company needs, he did say, "it's one of those things that we pretty much are always looking for; I have been, and am constantly looking for, SharePoint help."

Withers continues, "We're not actively trying to hire six, but if six great [programmers] that I could afford came along, I could probably keep them busy."

SharePoint-related projects at Media 1 have grown in the past two years, says Withers. The need for experienced SharePoint programmers is made more difficult by the fact that there aren't many in the workforce to start with, and, of those, most are either already embedded in a company or they can pretty much name their own price, which puts them out of a small company's reach.

Withers says Media 1 has 17 employees right now, including a new SharePoint programmer that started this week.

According to a recent Media 1 press release, the company has positioned itself as an "expert in aligning people, process and technology to drive Business Performance Improvement."

"Our clients have a need for a great number of applications," says Withers. "Everything from onboarding systems to specialized-demand collecting applications to career development or performance-improvement directed portals. We don't want to necessarily tie ourselves to SharePoint all the time, but at end of day, it's about business processes improvement and increasing business performance."

Inquiries can be made by emailing [email protected]

Source: Harrison Withers, Media 1
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor

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