Grand Rapids technology startup releases iPhone music app for workouts

Grand Rapids-based Rehab Technologies, LLC has launched two technology products for the health and fitness industry with this week's release of its Cadence Desktop and Cadence App.

The Cadence products, released under the company's dba, enable runners, walkers and other exercise buffs to sync their iTunes music library to match the pace of their workout.

Cadence Desktop analyzes a user's iTunes music and assigns a beats per minute (BPM) rate to each song, says Curt Kuiper, Rehab's managing partner. Using the Cadence App, users sync their iPhone (3.0) or iPod Touch (2G) to their computer and choose the BPM they want for their workout. By keeping in time with the music, the user can improve the consistency of their pace,  speed up their pace or slow it down while listening to their favorite music.

"There's a debate between whether you should try to change your stride length or your cadence to maximize your workout," Kuiper says. "Research shows that sticking with a cadence that works for your body is better."

To play songs with a faster or a slower BPM, users simply move a slider on their iPhone or iPod touch-screen.

Cadence Desktop includes a tap feature that set a song's BPM by clicking the mouse in time to the music for 10 seconds. They also can remove any song they don't want to use for their workout.
Cadence Desktop is Mac-based. Rehab Technologies plans to release a PC version in a couple of months, Kuiper says. However, the iPhone/iPod app is compatible with Windows.

The Cadence Desktop download is available free, or if purchasers would like to pay for it, they can pay what they choose. The Cadence App is $2.99 and available from the iPhone App Store or at

Source: Curt Kuiper, Rehab Technologies, LLC

Deborah Johnson Wood is development news editor for Rapid Growth Media. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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