Host Productions LLC plans to open a community theater and more on the West Side

It was 2012 when Terri Host and her husband Tim wrote an Easter production for their church. After the production’s success, the couple wrote another, ultimately forming the vision to start a production company. In 2014, they opened Host Productions LLC. 

“And now, we just feel like it’s prime-time to have our own home,” says Terri Host.

The Grand Rapids-based theater company is planning to invest $750,000 and transform a vacant building on Grand Rapids’ West side into a permanent, brick-and-mortar home, which will include a theater, banquet facility and youth programming. 

The banquet portion will feature a dance floor, projector and full commercial kitchen, which they plan on renting out for conferences, gatherings and weddings.

The Hosts have directed over 100 cast members and, since 2014, have written and produced over 20 shows which have been performed throughout Michigan and Ohio. In addition to their dedication to developing the talents of actors, they’re looking forward to providing a variety of workshops for youth.

“We have a lot of young people that are interested in the arts,” Terri Host says. “They want to know about acting, and maybe if they’re not into the acting part of it, they want to know about the background part of it — how do you do sound, lighting, videography?” 

With all of the growth on the West Side, from restaurants and breweries to apartment buildings, Host thinks the area offers a lot of opportunity. “[The developments] will complement one another. A lot of people like to come out and do dinner and a show,” she says. She’s looking forward to “providing quite a few jobs for people as well.” 

While the exact location of the theater hasn’t been disclosed yet, the West Side signifies more than just opportunity — it’s where Terri and Tim first met. “It’s just kind of neat to be able to do something like [this] right here.” 
Host Productions LLC will open its seventh season with “Ain’t Nothing Like Family: Ms. Wilkins Goes to Court,” July 23 at the Frauenthal Center in Muskegon.

Photos courtesy of Host Productions LLC
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