LOFT fulfills niche for tech software aftercare

Each day, the tech industry is bustling with new ideas, paired with individuals who are eager to craft them into tangible and useful platforms. These platforms, ranging from applications to software systems, are built from the ground up, in hopes of making a progressive contribution to the world. However, such platforms require a continuous amount of nurturing and aftercare at their core –– a particular set of skills that may not be as prominent in the individuals who initially created the platform. This is where the company Lots of Freaking Talent (LOFT) steps in to give a helping hand.

LOFT Vice President of Sales Brian Anderson describes their niche in the tech landscape as property managers. “When you think of support, it’s easier to think of what it’s like to rent an apartment or house, and if you think about what property managers do with the owners of property, that’s what we do for software systems,” he says.

“Someone that’s building either internally when they’re a startup and they’re running it or they’ve acquired it, and they want someone to manage it and support it for them so that they don’t have to take all the calls from the tenants and all of the flashback; they can focus on the big picture and we can just provide them with support.”

Anderson, who grew up in Grand Rapids and studied computer information systems at Western Michigan University, has long held an interest in the tech field. Over time, he has worked with companies such as Nusoft and OST, until eventually moving into the CEO position of Augusto Digital, a tech company more focused on the initial development end of software. LOFT was then borne out of Augusto Digital, launching in 2018 to help tech companies elevate and maintain the core functionality of their software over time.

Anderson says he and his team identified the need for tech support amongst their own projects when they realized it required a new set of processes, and an overall way of engaging.

“...those people are going to go from one project to the next, one build to the next, and they’re trained to build something over and over again, whereas [with] support, you have to be reactive,” says Anderson.

LOFT offers two tiers of support: the first maintaining the general wellness of the software, and the second, working toward actively improving what already exists.

The end result is one that satisfies an overlooked discipline in the aftermath of a new software, and also lends software developers the freedom to focus solely on the innovation of their platform. Ideally, this will allow these tech companies in Grand Rapids to quickly and effectively push new concepts forward, and to extend their network of skill sets beyond the initial startup of their platforms.

Images provided by LOFT. 

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