With a focus on community, Well Design creates website feature for fundraising with Mosby’s Popcorn

Local family-owned business Mosby’s Popcorn teamed up with Well Design Studio, a community-minded design company, to rebuild its website. Apart from aesthetic changes, Mosby’s wanted to create a way for customers to fundraise easily and directly through their website. 

“We’ve built this business with our four daughters with hopes to create delicious popcorn and generational wealth,” says Shavyea Mosby, co-owner of Mosby’s Popcorn. “Fundraising was important to us because we wanted to assist organizations and school programs with an opportunity to raise capital and bring awareness to social causes.”

Mosby and her husband, Brian Mosby, were born and raised in Detroit as athletes, where fundraising played a large part in participating in sports. 
“It was obvious we had to fundraise in our community,” says Mosby. 

Mosby’s Popcorn worked with Well Design Studio to craft the new website and fundraising feature.
“We work primarily with nonprofits, causes, foundations, cultural events and institutions, so we've created scores of setups for donations, memberships, recurring donors – fundraising generally,” says Tyler Doornbos, partner at Well Design Studio. “This is the first time that we've created a fundraiser component for a business that wanted to replace third-party online fundraising software. We really liked the approach, and we do think it could be a great fit for other businesses.” 
On the new Mosby’s Popcorn website, customers can navigate to the Social Pop page to learn about ways to partner and fundraise, but also about the business’ commitment to community and its involvement with local organizations and nonprofits. 
By clicking on the “Let’s Fundraise” button, users are able to enter the information about their fundraiser’s needs and goals. Once the fundraiser is approved and set up, a fundraiser landing page is created to allow those participating to use. Products purchased are then attributed to the fundraiser. 

Screenshot from Mosby's Popcorn website
“We’ve worked with organizations that have been successful in raising money for building repairs, team fees and helping families in need,” says Mosby. “It’s been a great program that has helped us build some great and memorable relationships in our community. Our business can’t be successful without an ecosystem that involves community support and giving back to those who support us,” says Mosby.
Well Design Studio created a system that allows the creator of the fundraiser to be able to log in to the site and manage information such as goals, and even download a spreadsheet with all revenue and purchase information.
“Mosby's is very community-focused and other small businesses in the area could learn a lot from their commitment and approach,” says Doornbos. “We definitely see software like this as a great fit for any business that wants to support the community and build their brand by getting their products in the hands of local customers through their e-commerce sites.”
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