Alcoa-Howmet Whitehall launches eco-friendly initiatives

A major Whitehall-area employer plans to partner with local schools, watershed councils and parks to advance several eco-friendly initiatives, beginning with the creation of an oak savannah, walking trails and water conservation.

According to excerpts from the story:

Alcoa-Howmet’s Plant 4 is “going green” by adding many more colors to its landscaping.

An ambitious four-year plan to revert a four and a half acre green lawn along Benston Road in the City of Whitehall into a native landscape was unveiled at a kickoff ceremony last Tuesday.

Attending the ceremony were Alcoa-Howmet officials, representatives of the Muskegon Conservation District which is taking the lead on the project, Whitehall officials and the media.

Those attending started the project by throwing native plant seed into a prepared area of the lawn.

Amy Heisser, director of Human Resources at Alcoa-Howmet Whitehall facilities, said the native landscaping project is one of several sustainable projects supported by the company in this area, including a tree giveaway by the conservation district, the White River Watershed Council and the White Pines Project.

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