Policy conference to give region a voice for prosperity, jobs

In mid-September, business and civic leaders from all over West Michigan, and lawmakers from all over the state, will gather in Grand Rapids to discuss and dissect economic policies that matter to the region and will set it on a course for prosperity and jobs.

According to excerpts from the story:

Western Michigan has a few ideas that could make Michigan a more prosperous place, in Peter Secchia's view. The Regional Policy Conference, to be held in Grand Rapids Sept. 18 and 19, is a chance to develop some of them.

(Peter) Secchia explained why a western Michigan conference will be undertaken and what he hopes it will accomplish for Michigan.

"We're going to ask western Michigan leadership to voice their opinions (on) what has to be done," Secchia said. "The key to this is to create an atmosphere of discussing these issues -- on education, taxing, right to work, charter schools, competition in the schools, funding of the southeast quadrant versus the western quadrant -- with various viewpoints.

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