Feature Story Crop dusting planes maneuver to avoid electric lines, irrigation towers, woods and more when working. (Photo by Bev Berens)

More farmers are using cover crops to keep pollutants out of lakes and streams

A cover crop “blanket” helps hold soil and contaminants like phosphorus in fields, reducing runoff into Lakeshore waterways. It also builds organic matter and nutrients, improving soil health.  

Feature Story Michael Sandoval graduated from Michigan State University in 2019.

MSU grad praises TRIO Upward Bound, Promise Scholarship for success in college and beyond

Michael Sandoval was surprised when he received a Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship, which meant he could attend MSU without accumulating student debt. He credits summers spent in Upward Bound classes at Hope College with keeping him focused on what he wanted to achieve, academically and in life.  

Feature Story Kevin Foster started Capital for Compassion in 2004.

Capital for Compassion works to enable homeless to ‘live a more gracious life’

Capital for Compassion comes alongside Lakeshore nonprofits as they strive to provide affordable housing and shelter for the homeless. The Holland company wades through complex funding regulations to ensure they have the resources to carry out that mission.  

Partner Content Shanna Moore leads CrimFit programming.

CrimFit Nutrition Program brings exercise and nutrition education to thousands of Flint kids at home

As Flint kids begin online-only schooling, opportunities for physical exercise and nutrition education will be scarce. But a team of Crim Fitness Foundation staffers is working to address that by bringing the Crim’s Nutrition Program (CrimFit) out of the classroom and into families' homes. 

Feature Story Charles Beasley, a product development engineer at DISHER, is given latitude to work on passion projects such as his mini mobile home he is designed for homeless people.

Stewardship part of DISHER's mission to make a positive difference

DISHER, which started as an automotive product design firm, has branched out to engineering, marketing, and business solutions. Investing in the community is important, and the company puts a percentage of its annual profits into stewardship programs.

Innovation News WMCAT

Community Catalysts designing a more equitable Grand Rapids

Public Agency at WMCAT is accepting applications for its next Community Catalyst cohort through Sept. 7. These diverse individuals will bring their lived experiences together to co-create equitable outcomes for Grand Rapids.

Feature Story From the top of Mount Pisgah, you can look out over Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan. (Photo by Mike Lozon)

What to do in September? 9 fun ways to explore the Lakeshore

September brings the last throes of summer, offering Ottawa County residents and visitors plenty of interesting and engaging places to explore. This list includes options for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or interest.

Feature Story Megan

Why the census really counts: How Michigan’s district maps affect your local communities

The census plays a significant role in determining funding and resources for communities, but it also impacts the map that divides the state into districts. These maps can affect the political process and representation, which is why the census count is so important.

Feature Story Yasisi

Cómo afectan los mapas de los distritos de Michigan a nuestras comunidades

El censo juega un papel importante en la determinación de fondos y recursos para las comunidades, y al mismo tiempo incide en el mapa que divide al estado en distritos. Estos mapas pueden determinar el proceso político y la representación, por eso el conteo del censo es tan importante.

Feature Story Andy Rozendaal (left) and John Puttrich (right) comprise the leadership team and are Eighth Day Farm's two full time employees.

Eighth Day Farm makes big impact from its small urban setting

With a philosophy of caring for Earth and the people who inhabit it, Eighth Day Farm provides produce for CSA members and the food insecure in the Holland community from a former mall parking lot. The farm’s influence also includes composting, support for local growers, and connecting the next generation to the food cycle.

Feature Story Gentex engineer Elliot Busta volunteers weekly at the Holland Middle School greenhouse, teaching students about STEM.

Gentex engineer teaches STEM skills at student greenhouse

Elliot Busta volunteers once a week teaching Holland Middle School students about STEM, providing a positive role model, and leading harvesting tours. He says he learns as much from the students as he teaches them.

Feature Story Jake Tebos, (left) wholesale grower of potting plants in Allendale, discusses issues unique to his niche in the marketplace with Secretary Perdue (right).

West Michigan farmers share concerns with USDA Secretary

Sonny Perdue hosted meetings with growers and other stakeholders in Ottawa and Kalamazoo counties. Those in attendance talked to and heard from the USDA chief about topics ranging from trade to invasive species.

Longform Helen Paige, a parent partner in the pilot program.

State of Michigan and Detroit nonprofit team up to reduce child abuse through proactive support

A new pilot program identifies families at risk and pairs them with peer mentors and benefits navigators, getting the state more involved in addressing the root causes of child abuse.

Feature Story Nelson Figueroa

U-M is next stop for Promise Scholar with a passion for the environment

Growing up in a single-parent home taught this 2020 Holland High School graduate independence and resilience. Nelson Figueroa believes those attributes will serve him well at U-M, where he plans to study environmental engineering.

Feature Story Jenn

Pop-ups, functional medicine, & social distancing: Local culinary entrepreneur innovates amid crises

As COVID-19 continues to impact the culinary world, Jenn Fillenworth is taking the small and big steps to serve fresh, tasty food in new and interesting ways. With so much unknown, there's one thing for certain: you can't stop Jenny with the Good Eats.

Feature Story The 2020 Promise Scholar class includes 10 hard-working local students who now can realize their dream of a college education.

How 2020 class of Promise Scholarship recipients are pursuing their dreams

The Holland/Zeeland Promise is a renewable scholarship program aimed at giving students the financial boost they need to further their education. The program will allow these 10 hard-working Lakeshore students to attend college in the fall.

Feature Story Ciana Witherell identifies as non-binary, which is a spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively feminine or masculine.

Moving beyond the gender binary

GVSU student Ciana Witherell explains why it’s time to stop seeing gender as black and white — or pink and blue. The lines of gender continue to blur, making it increasingly important to avoid assuming others’ gender and stop invalidating the identity of gender non-binary individuals, they say. 

Partner Content Kids running

Physical literacy is a movement that's catching fire

Michigan Fitness Foundation staff are leading a revision of the K-12 Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC), which aims to drive kids' physical literacy journeys in the same way that math class is the driver of numeracy.

Feature Story Alex

Published Together: Community storytelling in the time of COVID-19

"To date we have collected and shared 367 stories, photographs, videos, poems, songs, executive orders, paintings, homemade masks, and more. Some are uplifting, others depressing, some are simply factual documentation of events through the eyes of the donor," writes Alex Forist, Chief Curator at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in this detailed op-ed. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Museum is working to collect and publish community stories in real-time.

Feature Story Tammy Dockins has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 30 years.

How this personal trainer adapted to life in quarantine

Tammy Dockins has been interested in fitness for as long as she can remember. Though “not friendly with technology,” she found ways to make it work so she could help others during the pandemic.

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