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The Zombie Apocalypse overtakes Grand Rapids

The zombies are coming… to Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in October. “Night of the Living Dead” will be performed during the Halloween season (October 14 – 30). It’s a show unlike any other the community theatre has produced, starting with a t-shirt design competition and also introducing a new director to the main stage. It’s a gripping, terror-filled play that brings all the fright of the cult classic film to life.
The t-shirt design competition was launched to involve Grand Rapids residents with the theatre in a different way. Professionals and amateurs alike submitted their creative entries, and the community was invited to vote on the top three designs. Two staff members of Baudville and a 14-year old boy made the cut. The winner, Jon Corcoran, was thrilled to participate.
“I am really excited to see my design become part of the show, as well as displayed publicly at the Civic during the show and ArtPrize,” expresses Corcoran. “Personally, I can’t wait to see [Civic Theatre’s] production of Night of the Living Dead -- even before winning the contest.”
Not only did the theatre create new friends during the t-shirt design, they have virtually all new actors for the play as well as a new director.
“I am so excited to have this production as my first main stage opportunity at Civic,” says Director Susan Strohmer. “I love zombies and I am a huge fan of the original 1968 classic film.” 
Strohmer continues, “I was also amazed at the new talent during the audition process. We had so many new actors that had the guts to audition for a role."
Be sure to check out the winning t-shirt and the play when it zombie-walks into the theater in October. And, thanks to the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre for looking beyond the ordinary and bringing new productions to our community.
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Source: Nancy Brozek, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; Susan Strohmer, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; Jon Corcoran, Baudville
Writer: Jennifer Wilson, Do Good Editor
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