Getting to know Grand Rapids through its murals

Grand Rapids is known as a city of beer, a city of laughter, and, for a few weeks in the fall, a city of art. But when you start to pay attention to the walls and alleys of our city, it is also a city of murals, every day of the year.

It seemed to me that every time I turned around, I would bump into a mural somewhere. Everywhere. So I started to make photographs of the murals in Grand Rapids to get a better grip on how many there are. This collection of photographs is by no means representative of all of the murals in town. There are so many, often tucked away in a quiet alley, or behind a building. 

Some of the murals celebrate a business or a place. Some of them are just unusual. In all cases, they are a part of the rich tapestry of culture and art that makes the urban community that we live in interesting and unique. 
Rapid Growth photographer Adam Bird has begun documenting the diverse murals that grace the walls of Grand Rapids' neighborhoods, some well-known and others tucked away. Get to know the city through its street art in this week's photo slideshow.
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