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A Green and Local Holiday

Big boxes, asphalt and urban sprawl are great for Black Friday door busters, but for those of us with an eye toward the triple bottom line, the holiday shopping season is a great time to go green and local. Part 1 of 3


WMEAC Executive Director Rachel Hood shares the history of the state's original grassroots environmental group, shows off its gold standard green building and discusses a new era of citizen action. 

Thyme for a Home-Cooked Dinner

In their second careers, Ken and Karen Bryan have found a way to help busy Grand Rapids families make time for healthy, home-cooked meals. 

RGTV: Wealthy Theatre

You could call it the Wealthy Theatre neighborhood. Grand Rapids' answer to the Apollo, this iconic local theater has embodied the revival of one of the region's hippest neighborhoods and the growth of the local urban music scene.

Growing Your Indoor Garden

Because zen gardens aren't just for people with big backyards: Indoor gardening can make a home, make food safer and more efficient, and maybe even save the world.

Living la vida Locavore

Locavore (lok•a•vor): Eating, drinking, living better for you and your community. Amy Ruis, our resident locavore, shows us how.

A Local First Treasure Map

Local First is launching a new coupon program this fall modeled after a West Coast campaign that produced an 80 percent shift in local shopping behaviors. Sarah Kommer reports.

Michigan's Blue Bubble

Clean fresh water and, more specifically, the Great Lakes, is Michigan's most important and strategic natural resource. Will we ever start acting like it?

Decked Out

Whether you want to watch people or water, sip a pint, or take in some fine food, West Michigan has the outdoor patio for you. Rapid Growth Foodie Amy Ruis offers this starter list of al fresco places

Vinyl Variety

Record shops are disappearing in the age of digital downloads. But those that remain are a basic and popular component of any vibrant city. NYC has Finyl Vinyl, Portland has Jackpot, and GR has Vertigo, Corner, and Dodd's

All for Audio Art

Punching Bee Music, a collective of local artists organized in 2005, aims to promote the health of the local music scene through networking, collaboration, and events. Tune in now

Growing Pains

Call them green thumbs or urban farmers, more and more people are digging in Grand Rapids' dirt. But even though growing food locally strengthens communities and builds food security, it takes a committed city to make urban agriculture take off

Foreclosure is Not an Option

Mainstream media is filled with stories about West Michigan's foreclosure crisis. But did you read the one about the savvy  Grand Rapids nonprofit that rescued 300 mortgages and saved the Kent County community $15 million? Here it is  

A Toast to Sustainability

Green Drinks International, a network based on informal social gatherings for the environmental crowd, counts some 350 local chapters in cities worldwide. And Grand Rapids is now one of 30 members in the U.S. So what are you doing after work on the third Thursday of every month   
144 Articles | Page: | Show All
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