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Hit The Decks – Beats Comes Around Again

Last year Grand Rapids witnessed the debut of Rob Bliss' Electronic Music Festival.  To some it was a wash, as the rain poured the entire day.  But for others, it was pure fun driven by a good beat that wasn't the least bit dampened in the soggy weather.

This year another electronic music event returns to the same Rosa Parks Circle stage.  Let's hope Hit The Decks, a concert event featuring local acts, will not be dealt the same rain card from the gods above.

The styles of music will range from the easy-to-swallow house format to the more ear-challenging Detroit style techno (and everything in between).

One thing is for certain:  this is the music of a generation on the rise, which may explain why it has continued to be so popular within our region.

Hit The Decks' event organizer, Shane Bugai, says: "as for the future of electronic music, it seems quite obvious that its unique resources guarantee its use, because music's boundaries have shifted away from the limitations of the acoustical instrument, of the performer's coordinating capabilities, to the almost infinite limitations of the electronic instrument. The only limitations are the human ones of perception."

Following the show, areas businesses will be hosting various after-parties.  See their website for details.

Admission:  Free

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