The Homestretch: Arbor Circle's Around Homelessness

Thursday, Nov. 13, 6 p.m. (Tickets must be purchased in advance.)
Cinema fans rejoice, since this special presentation of The Homestretch – a part of the National Homeless Teen Awareness month programming from Arbor Circle – is showcasing this timely documentary from the same production company that brought to the big screen Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters.
The Homestretch follows the lives of three homeless Chicago teenagers seasoned by rejection and life on the streets as they defy the odds to create a future, finding sympathy and support in surprising places.
This very popular film showcases how filmmakers were able to follow aspiring actor Roque, poet/painter Kasey, and Anthony, a rapper, poet and entrepreneur, as they dive into the often-no- seen world where children are cast off to fend for their lives.
With little to no parental involvement for a host of reasons, The Homestretch showcases the navigation necessary to avoid the perils of poverty and predation.
Exhibited is a fight for everything from basic services to education and eventual independence. This film arrive in Grand Rapids right as we celebrating the opening of HQ - a new homeless youth drop-in center in Heritage Hill - and the launch of Our LGBT Fund, whose first mission is to address the needs of those LGBT teens who are at risk.
Immediately after the film's presentation, enjoy a panel discussion including the documentary's director Kirsten Kelly and other local experts.
View the trailer for The Homestretch here.
Admission: $10
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