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Black Girl Magic Showcase: Beer Month’s bright spot

As the city prepares to celebrate GR Beer Month, the Creston Brewery—the city’s only black owned brewery—continues to test their community-focused model in the heart of the Creston neighborhood with a special new event that places the focus on black women entrepreneurs.

This day long event that stretches into late night is being called Black Girl Magic and is the brainchild of Bri Ross and Kyd Kane.

These two powerful women have invited area Black women of our community to showcase their creations and services for all those who  venture.

In addition to checking out new vendors to add to your life, you can sip on a delicious beer that is probably named after so historical or significant event that has roots in our city.

At 7 p.m., the event welcomes to the stage Bri Ross and Kyd Kane, who will both be performing spoken word poetry. 

Immediately following at 8 p.m. the brewery will convert into a dance party keeping the energy flowing into the evening as DJ’s Sun*Rise and SuperDre take to the 1s and 2s. 

Creston Brewery is extremely proud to be a Black owned brewery in the great beer city that is Grand Rapids!

The event is free to attend and all ages are welcome here until 9 p.m. when it becomes a 21+ venue.

We know you have a lot of choices, but Black Girl Magic is definitely something worth investing some time and cash as the city advances to make more room for others. In a beautiful way, you get to be a part of making the magic happen here. And that is why we might be worth being called “cool” a bit longer. 
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