BassBin: Five years and getting closer to 24/7

Monday, May 4, 9:30 p.m.
Five years ago, when local DJ SuperDre (who has since moved to Detroit) launched her iconic party, BassBin, in Eastown, it was hard to imagine how the event – and the city – would change.
On Monday night, the faithful will gather to celebrate what she has been made possible as well as showcase that our city has easily shifted into a 24 /7 mindset, as  events move from their weekend stronghold and begin taking over the other days of the week. Monday was always tough but is becoming less so, and we can thank people like SuperDre for the vision she unleashed five years ago.
Right from the start, she wanted this event to be more than just the music, so SuperDre used her contacts in the local and international industry to welcome DJs living in and passing through the Midwest to take a spin on the decks at Billy's Lounge. And, as they say, the rest is Herstory.
It was a risk and many others would have walked away by now. But SuperDre is like a tireless source of energy, and hitting the five-year mark has been done with very little sweating in front of the public even though since she started and produced this weekly event, she has moved to Los Angeles, then to Detroit, and juggled a new romance all along the way. It has been a thrill to watch each week and to realize people are changing the way they view West Michigan because of the acts this event is attracting.
A big part of this shift is due to people like SuperDre. So come celebrate with the faithful as we welcome to the turntables on the occasion of BassBin's fifth anniversary event, Sub-terran-ean's Nešto, Detroit's TV Lounge DJ's Mr. Joshooa and Aran Daniels, and of course, SuperDre.
Admission: 21+ only, no cover. Happy hour until midnight.



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