Born to Beguile & NSFW: Two Bold Art Shows

It is really rare that two art events that really should be happening in tandem appear on the same night, making it difficult for me to act like ol' King Solomon.

So rather than split the baby, I have decided you should see both of these art shows simply because of the women behind these shows and what they have to offer.
In the Eastown business district, it is the debut of the newest body of paintings from local artist and comedienne Sarah Jean Anderson. Not only has Anderson's new exhibition, Born to Beguile, raised a few eyebrows from art collectors who cannot quite figure out what to do with her unique style of figurative paintings that derive from our own (un)healthy appetite for pop culture, they have also showcased her take on the topics of living that are the most captivating in Anderson's artwork.
In addition to her paintings for sale, Friday evening will be a chance to secure one of her smaller craft items or to secure a copy of her freshly printed poetry book. With Anderson you can always be sure the setting of the gallery is just the beginning of a night of wild laughter and fun.
Just across the river on the westside is the opening of the new Glitter Milk Gallery art show, NSFW. And just like its name, the works here are promising to be weird, glittery and of course, probably something I shouldn't describe further, lest it get stuck in your office's SPAM filter.
But gallery owner Miranda Sharp has, in just less than one year, become the gallery of the year for her fresh approach to a system that seriously could use a little glitter to lighten us all up. The theme is a tribute to the fleshy art of burlesque, with artworks presented Friday evening alongside a thrilling burlesque act - Gala Delish – whose performance art works will be showcased via a live presentation at this opening reception. 
To Sharp, burlesque is actually a beautiful celebration of the diverse body types we are truly surrounded by in this life. It is, without a doubt, a beautiful thing that an art show is finally here in our city that is truly about the positivity and self -love of one's body. 
In addition to the artwork, there will be a chance to secure a saucy greeting card that arrives just in time for Valentine's Day. And these cards can be had for the very cheap price of only $3.00 each. You will even have a chance to view the textile fashions with a special display of burlesque costumes that have been handmade by members of Grand Rapids' local performing beauties.
Admission:  Born to Beguile is a $5 suggested donation; NSFW is free to attend.
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