Christmas Found Footage Festival: Leave the kiddies at home

Hey fans of the forgotten age of VHS and BetaMax! The Found Footage Festival of New York is rolling back into town with co-hosts Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Letterman, Colbert) on the occasion of their 10-year anniversary.
Oh, they are not "together" as in a couple – unless, of course, that's revealed in a long-forgotten VHS proving otherwise. No, this is their 10th year of taking the treasures of those early years of VHS, when everyone thought fame was just a frame away and anyone could be a video star if only someone would stop by our house to watch our tape, on the road. 
When FFF arrives at UICA this time around, they will not be just projecting the very latest and greatest videos like the uncut version of "How to Have Cybersex on the Internet" and an exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage reel of the fake chef prank they pulled on morning news shows earlier this year.
Since it is Christmas, they come bearing gifts as a part of their holiday version of this touring program, including a terrifying new Christmas video they found while in Grand Rapids last time called "Jingle Cats."
The fresh new mix of video delights for sore eyes will also include:
-A new exercise video montage featuring a Christmas-themed workout found in Columbus last year, plus a martial arts fitness regimen called “Tiger Moves,” and a tape called “Butt Camp”
-Newly unearthed footage of the world’s most obnoxious home shopping hosts, John & Johnny, and the long-awaited reunion orchestrated by the FFF curators
You will not want to miss this laugh-out-loud, retro-rich night devoted to the holiday traditions of a time long past (and with good reason).
Admission: Advanced ticket sale $11 on site or at the door
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