I Am: Lectures on the second and third installments

Thursday & Friday, Jan. 29 & 30, 6 p.m.
The days are getting longer but your window to see parts two and three of the award-winning exhibition curated by KCAD's Michele Bosak is closing January 30.
As an incentive to see these last two installments, The FED Galleries are hosting a series of "I Am" lectures (that began earlier this week) with two very special speakers on tap for the final days of the show.
On Thursday night this show, which focuses on gender and associated themes around the body, will present the work of multi-media artist Heather Cassils. The artist uses his body as a form from which the work often sprouts as a result of the sheer physicality of his extensive training and knowledge of kinesiology and sports sciences. The result is a powerful presentation of conceptual art practices, feminism, and the use of the body as art wedded to the gay male aesthetic. It is sure to be a thrill to hear from the artist who contributed such powerful works in this exhibition.
Sonya Clark, the speaker who will close the show, is the 2014 ArtPrize Grand Prize Winner (tie) for her work "The Haircraft Project." Clark, the first African-American to win ArtPrize's top award (tie with Anila Quayuum Agha) tackles in her hair-based piece the complex issues of personality delivered via a narrative we know (or like to think we know).
Clark manipulates our preconceived ideas and thoughts, quickly jettisoning via the images as a person's hair is given order by way of a comb, a piece of paper, or by simply adding more hair. Clark has woven a thrilling vision in her creation and you will have a chance to hear how her artistic vision is so richly rooted in craft and reflective of her culture.
Also starting this last week was a new viewing event at The FED as they invite people to join them for a screening of Art 21 each Tuesday. See visit this link for the entire schedule of events at the FED. 
Admission: Free
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