LadyFest: Sisters are Doing It for Themselves

Saturday, Apr. 4, all day/night (see website)
One has to admit that any mission statement that includes the phrase "a celebration of badass women in our community" has got to be an event for women who love to roar … and the men who love them.
Each spring this hyper-grassroots event, LadyFest, which has evolved to be so much more than just another DIY, educational-focused event with a concert at the end, has definitely upped the ante for other festival events with their expansive programming along such diverse lines.
Each year the workshops are rich in topics. "How to…" hands-on sessions on things from bike repair to making your own craft beer are offered side-by-side with women's health seminars and even how to start a seed garden and create a comic 'zine with your own hands.
And every year the public is invited to join in on a celebration of this day with a community-enriching concert at The Pyramid Scheme. The first big event of the evening is a family-friendly variety show hosted by Sarah Jean Anderson with a long list of guest players including the ladies of the No Outlet Improv Troupe. 
Immediately following is a concert with Casual Sweetheart, Hannah Rose Graves, the Veloras, and SuperDre on the 1s and 2s closing out the night.
An added bonus this year is a slow ride happening courtesy of The Spoke Folks and She Rides Her Way on the morning of the event.
This is truly a city's treasure and one I hope will continue on for as long as we are radical and diverse like the women who make up the urban landscape. 
Admission: Workshops are free; evening tickets can be purchased here.
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