LaughFest: Continue the Laughter

So Grand Rapids didn't break a record on Thursday night by wearing the most crowns at LaughFest's 2015 kicks off community event. It's not a bad deal when you consider that when I saw my friends Patrick and Teresa in photo they texted me I seriously thought for a second their plane from LA had been diverted to a Renaissance-themed restaurant in NY.
But if you have been out in the city during the first part of the 10-day festival then you no doubt have noticed something tangible in the warming air of our city: Laughter in the face of the retreating winter. And there's more to come.
On Sunday, Mar. 15, LaughFest organizers say they will produce one of the most ambitious closing nights of entertainment in their five-year history. It is truly amazing that on one day you have to choose between the Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge, George Lopez, Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood, and a special Late Night Stand-up Showcase. There are even two Amateur Stand-up Showcases at The BOB on Sunday Evening!
On Thursday, Mar. 12, I will be continuing my LaughFest journey by joining Chris Smit (DisArt Festival Director) and Toni Ball at the LaughterRX Crib Life in Grand Rapids. It is sure to be a heartfelt but voraciously funny look at the realities of navigating the city with a disability.
Whether it is individual and showcase stand-up acts, improv performances, comic films, funny authors, community-focused showcases, it's a variety of seriously funny stuff aimed at their mission to not just break records but ultimately support Gilda's Club mission to provide support to our community's members dealing with cancer and grief.
This is why I cannot say enough about why LaughFest is one of my favorite festivals in Grand Rapids. When art can cross over and touch so many people to make their lives better, well, that, my good friends, is what makes the art of laughter so wonderful to welcome here in our community each year. 

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Admission: Varies – see website for details.
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