Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition

Saturday, Feb. 7, 9:30 a.m. race begins
For the last three years, the Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition, has wowed audiences from the Cannonsburg Ski Area where this challenging obstacle course of a race has traditionally been held. But due to the rising interest in this unique racing event (translating into more registrations), the organizers had to move it to Rockford's Camp Roger.
Part of the move is due to space concerns, but according to race director Mark VanTongeren, they are also committed to providing more inclusive access via the core elements of adventure racing (multiple events, teams, map/navigation based) and pairing challenges that “normal” folk can participate in as well. 
This is achieved by having a race with "a shorter timeframe, closer to urban centers, and by adding Amazing Race-like challenges," says VanTongeren. "There are some other races like this in other big cities but they usually allow public transportation and have race courses of much shorter distances. We’re trying to stay true to adventure racing and get people ready for more traditional adventure races."
Last year’s race drew 300 participants, making it the largest winter adventure race in the U.S.  Please register early to ensure placement in the event.
Admission: $128 per team ($64 per person), no shirt ($10 after race if available)
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