Mosaic Film Experience: Advancing Viewpoints

Friday & Saturday, Nov. 7 & 8, see site for list of show times
There is no doubt that as some forms of media advance others will naturally decline. One area of the arts that is growing is visual presentation, and on Friday and Saturday we will have a chance to showcase that genre in one of the city's most amazing community venues, Wealthy Theatre, when Mosaic Film Experience will return to its two screens.
The films in competition have been selected from more than 750 films submitted from 46 different countries. They're organized into short programs with grouping titles including Stories and Students, From the Dark(er) Side, Slice of Life, Heavy and Lite, and You Won't Believe It's High School.
One film that is generating a lot of good buzz is one of the festival's featured presentation screenings of "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" (2014). View the trailer here.
If you're not entirely sure what this event is "about," a helpful mission statement from their site: "The Mosaic Film Experience works to help tomorrow’s content creators navigate media culture and use storytelling in their everyday lives."
In addition, there are a host of seminars and hands-on opportunities for your budding filmmaker.
Admission prices are for both days of events ($10 for adults, $5 for students).
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