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Pulaski Days: We are all Polish this weekend

While the Westside of Grand Rapids is often considered the destination neighborhood for  Pulaski Days due to their inventory of neighborhood halls, you can actually find plenty of stops on the eastside of the city to play this weekend as you partake in all things Polish. 

And when determining where  you will spend your Pulaski Days, you have so many options because this weekend festival spreads all over the city and includes a parade, plenty of Polish cuisine, and of course, polka dancing. 

There are so many options for you to consider that we suggest, before visiting Pulaski Days this year, that you view this easy to navigate guide to help your plan your stops. (Yes, "Stops" plural because there is so many places you will want to visit.) 

The best part, in my opinion, is the chance to tour so many neighborhood halls that are open to the public all weekend, giving this group a chance to showcase the delicious handmade food and raucous music of the Polish people, often led by an accordion.  Let’s Polka!
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