The Bad Plus: Another classic act live

Friday, Dec. 12, 7 p.m.
The newly energized music series, WYCE Live at Wealthy Theatre, is not just turning heads but is helping area groups in the process. What is not to love about a jazz act that not only creates critically acclaimed music but does so from a songbook closer to your iPod than your grandpa's Victrola?
When The Bad Plus returns for what I think will be their 4th visit to the area, we can expect some of their familiar foray into pop culture's music as it is transformed in a remarkable and never predictable fashion. 
They also will be here to promote an entire cover-free new release, "Inevitable Western," that is comprised entirely of original new jazz compositions. If you love jazz or simply are curious, this is the most beautiful noise you can add to your weekend. So get there or miss this moment to hear a living legend of jazz on a local stage.
This month's nonprofit beneficiary is the Pets for Vets program, whose work supports vets as they seek to provide a second chance for shelter-bound pets through the life-giving act of rescuing. Pets for Vets enable training (as needed) before placing these companion animals with America's veterans.
General Admission: Advanced ticket sale $20/25 - Night of event $28.
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