The Rocky Horror Show: Do The Time Warp (Live) Again

Opening Friday, Oct. 31 (through Sunday, Nov. 9), see site for show times
After a good run of titles that has included Marilyn’s Kennedy and In a Single Bound, local nonprofit theatre troupe The University Wits is closing out its 2014 season with another show-stopping production: The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien.
Unlike the cult film favorite that packed Downtown Grand Rapids Inc's Movies in the Park, this performance plans to not just revive the stage version but to integrate the best of the filmed version's elements into the production.
Richard O’Brien’s absurdist musical comedy, set in the 1950’s sexual revolution, has been an audience favorite for generations. This raunchy comedy has plenty of catchy crowd-pleasing moments an abundance of music including the "Time Warp."
"The show, by nature and tradition, will be similar to most versions of The Rocky Horror Show that people have seen," says actor Richard Carnegie, who is playing Rocky complete with a pair of gold shorts. "Fans of the film version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show often don’t realize that it was a stage show first—which is what we are doing."
University Wits is promising to place their own spin and flavor on this very popular cult-favorite story with plenty of fun costume choices and exciting new choreography.
If you are fan and plan on par-tic-i-pating, please note that outside props will not be allowed but you can purchase prop bags at the door for $5.
Since this is a small theater with extremely limited seating, please consider purchasing tickets in advance to be guaranteed an entry. (Hint: Opening night Friday and Saturday pre-sale tickets are already sold out.)
Admission: $18.
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