How To Walk To School: Starts a local renaissance

News headlines are often filled with the struggles of the modern education movement but rarely do you get a chance to see progress right in front of your face.

Locally we have a unique opportunity to meet and hear Jacqueline Edelberg, an author who started a revolution in education around the country, including in one Grand Rapids neighborhood school. 
Edelberg, along with co-author Susan Kurland, created How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance - a book that has become the "go-to book" for parents, community volunteers, area businesses, and of course, our educators. How to Walk to School shares what happens when a neighborhood is galvanized to take a leap and become a part of the solution instead of focusing solely on the problem.
Grand Rapids Public Schools' Congress Elementary School in East Hills is a fitting place to host this event and is sure to attract parents and community members from all over looking to discover new methods of organizing a more engaged society right where they live. Please RSVP on the Facebook page.
Admission: Free. Childcare is being provided but organizers ask that you RSVP and leave a note as to how many children will be attending.
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