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Yolo Ride: Exploring the White Pine Trail and Creston together

For those staying in the city this Memorial Day weekend, you don’t have to feel like there is nothing going on. Despite your friends’ updates showcase some heading to the lakeshore or jetting off to some far-off destination, adventure indeed awaits here on Saturday with the return of She Rides Her Own Way’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) ride in Riverside Park.

Unlike last year’s event, this year’s YOLO ride is focussed on the Creston so you’ll get to experience the White Pine Trail but also get a tour of the neighborhood via your trail hosts.  

This year’s YOLO Ride will begin in Riverside Park with an informal meet up and registration. At 1 p.m., riders will participate in a pre-ride yoga session before hitting the White Pine Trail for a leisurely ride north before ending up at the Creston Brewery for a late lunch and some of the best new beer in the city. 

What makes Creston Brewery such a fine choice is their attention to detail with many of their brews, taking on the names of historical and region-specific activities associated with the Creston neighborhood. 

After (and depending on how you arrived at the park) you can just ride on home or pedal the short distance from the brewery back to Riverside Park. 

She Rides Her Own Way is organized by Johanna Jelks whose events are created in the hopes that these rides will help others build their confidence as many of us begin to contemplate our transportation options this summer. YOLO Ride 2017 creates yet again an opportunity for new riders and new citizens of the city to venture out and make some friends.
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