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New Brann's restaurant in Grand Rapids expects to fill 50 jobs by August

The future Kitchen 67 Brann's Café broke ground last week and expects to fill some 40 to 50 jobs by mid-August. Owner Johnny Brann, Jr., says the restaurant is the inaugural eatery of a brand new casual fast-food concept for the family-owned chain.

Patrons will find a high-tech atmosphere of digital menus and digital posters, with tables outfitted with iPads, touch-screen computers or televisions. The tables will have wireless charging stations created by Fulton Innovation embedded, meaning patrons only have to lay their mobile phones and other devices on the table to charge them -- no need to plug in.

The menu will play up Brann's signature sizzler steaks with items like the sizzler sandwich, sizzle wraps and a sizzlin' pasta bowl. Other items include a selection of hot-pressed sandwiches and a number of variations of Brann's famous barbecue meatballs.

Johnny Brann, Jr., says the jobs include full- and part-time positions for servers, cooks, food preparation staff, a manager and two to three supervisor jobs.

"The kitchen layout is unique," Brann says. "For the 67 Burger or the 67 Sizzle sections, we'll have one person in each section who's the absolute best at creating those four or five menu items. We're not expecting one person to create 10 or 15 things; they'll be dedicated to creating just those few menu items.

"At the end of the day, it's always about our food," Brann says. "I think we bring a lot of innovative ideas with our changes in the casual dining market, and I hope to challenge the industry to try something new."

The restaurant's reference to "67" is a nod to Brann's grandfather who started the family's restaurant legacy with its "sizzlin' steaks" innovation in 1960. By '67, Brann's was serving 800 sizzler steaks every Friday and Saturday night at the original Burton St. location, says Brann.

Source: Johnny Brann, Jr., Kitchen 67 Brann's Café
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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