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Midtown : West Michigan In The News

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Michigan lawmakers reject President's veto of bill to enhance Great Lakes

In an unusual display of solidarity, Michigan democrats and republicans voted to support a bill providing billions of dollars for water pollution cleanup, sewage control to prevent the contamination of Great Lakes beaches, shoreline protection for the Detroit River, and more.

Calvin lands grant to teach engineering students entrepreneurship

Competent entrepreneurship will propel West Michigan's economic future by generating jobs and investment opportunities, and one local college is retooling its engineering curriculum to teach students how to turn an engineering idea into a business opportunity.

Oklahoma travel writer touts Grand Rapids' sights and sound

In a recent visit to Grand Rapids, one journalist found that the city's cultural attractions, tasty eateries, and horse-drawn carriages made a trip well worth taking.

Medical Device Consortium opens doors for new members

With a charter and membership criteria in place, a new West Michigan medical device consortium aims to leverage the members' collective expertise, attract other businesses, and market the region as a destination for medical device design, development and production.

Streetcar investment could accelerate Grand Rapids' revival

For about the same money it cost to build the Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids could develop a streetcar system that would return billions of dollars to the local economy, just like the streetcar system in places like Portland, OR has brought some $3 billion to that city in less than a decade.

Seattle streetcar ready to roll in December

It cost $51 million to build and will be tested over the next eight weeks, but all indications are that Seattle's new commuter train is on track for it's first run in mid-December.

Grand Rapids launches study of rebuilding urban streetcar system

With an eye toward spurring economic development in downtown Grand Rapids, The Rapid transit board approved an eight-month feasibility study for establishing a streetcar line downtown.

80 US cities studying, building, or expanding streetcar systems

Cities across the country are looking to cash in on the same kind of dramatic commercial and housing development experienced by Portland, OR after its streetcar system was introduced a few years ago.

Scottsdale studies streetcar to expand transportation choices

Light rail in Scottsdale could be one method of providing residents with broader transit options for transportation to work, shopping, and cultural destinations, and could spur development and interurban connections.

Young professionals will gravitate to Cincinnati streetcar

Artistic vision and design are key economic drivers for the future of West Michigan, and creative young professionals, like those in Cincinnati, are looking for more than a community of kindred spirits—they want the transit options offered in forward thinking that attract young professionals who stay, create, and build the economy.

Streetcar back on track in New Orleans

A vital piece of New Orleans' transportation history is back on track for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

Grand Rapids company returns from bankruptcy, possibly with dozens of jobs

In an era when many economists say West Michigan's industrial age is over, one Grand Rapids entrepreneur has proven them wrong by resurrecting a bankrupt company, landing a Chrysler contract, and employing 30 people—and he says that's just the beginning.

Grand Rapids Public Schools propose innovative effort to drive a future-oriented economy

In response to recent budget woes and other challenges the Grand Rapids Public School system has faced in recent years, school leaders have proposed public/private partnerships that will create innovative schools and prepare students to lead the city's economic growth.

Grand Rapids poised to put Michigan on transit map

Detroit's civic leaders are watching Grand Rapids closely as the West Michigan city seeks federal funding for a new Bus Rapid Transit system that could revolutionize the state's transit system.

Saipan welcomes WWII photos from West Michigan family

Rare photos of Saipan may corroborate the theory that Amelia Earhart spent her last days on the island in the hands of the Japanese, and the West Michigan family who owns the photos is donating them for further research.
270 Midtown Articles | Page: | Show All
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