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Craft Brewing Features


From grains to glass: Michigan craft distillers produce fine spirits from local crops

Michigan distillers are building their businesses with locally grown grains and fruits. They say there's room to grow.


From coffee and cosplay to food trucks and film: Reasons to love Grand Rapids in 2017

Internationally acclaimed filmmakers. Embracing our immigrant communities. An ever-growing music scene. Happiness in a cup (seriously). There are more reasons than ever to love, and explore, Grand Rapids in 2017.

Becky Vandenbout

Don't let them call you sweetheart: Women entrepreneurs break the glass ceiling in West Michigan

These West Michigan  women are kicking butt and taking names. As business owners and entrepreneurs in male-dominated fields, they're proving there's no glass ceiling that can't be shattered.


Loving, living & leaving: Why we call Grand Rapids home, why we don't & what that means for our city

What makes a city a home? And, specifically, what makes Grand Rapids a place where people want to lay down roots? Or, on the other hand, want to leave? Current and former Grand Rapidians, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to musicians and retirees, weigh in on what our city does well to make people stay — and what it could do better.

Jason Ley

RapidChat: Jason Ley brings the hunt for elusive beer to the big screen

As a modern-day "Ahab," the conquest for "whalez" (translation: brews that are hard to find) is a boundless expedition. Searching high and low for rare beer selections can exhaust much of anyone's time, especially in our great beer state. With the debut of a new reality TV show, titled "Modern Ahabs," Jason Ley hopes to turn this beer enthusiast lifestyle into a full-blown career.
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