PR firm Lambert Edwards hosted ArtPrize at 47 Commerce, now plans to relocate there

When executives of Lambert, Edwards & Associates agreed to co-host an ArtPrize venue at 47 Commerce in downtown Grand Rapids, they had no idea it was about to be the firm's next home.

After logging corporate growth each of the past 10 years, the company now has 25 employees at its headquarters in the National City Bank building. After several office expansions that split office between two floors, the firm was ready for something different.

"We were looking for space for a while, ArtPrize was announced and one of our clients, Adtegrity, is moving into 38 Commerce across the street," says Jeff Lambert, president. "We partnered with Adtegrity and Pioneer Construction to lease the venue for ArtPrize, and then it got on our list of places we'd be interested in moving to."

Although Cornerstone Architects has just begun preliminary design work for the 10,000-square-foot space, Lambert hopes to incorporate covered on-site parking and a roof deck for employees and clients.

The interior will incorporate a mix of enclosed offices and collaborative workspaces. The firm will pursue LEED certification. Lambert expects the building to include a shower, bike rack for employees, alternative power sources and possibly a green roof.

Renovation will run about $500,000. Pioneer Construction will handle the construction.

"We wanted more of a presence for our team, to present a company culture of professional cool," Lambert says. "We're excited to be investing in downtown Grand Rapids and think this will be a great platform for us to continue to grow."

Source: Jeff Lambert, Lambert, Edwards & Associates

Deborah Johnson Wood is development news editor for Rapid Growth Media. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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