New murals mark Creston Neighborhood's commitment to public art

The Creston business corridor shines a bit brighter this week after the unveiling of two new murals that mark the neighborhood's commitment to enlivening the streets with public art. The murals are the first two projects of the Creston Public Art Project, a three-year community outdoor art initiative that aims to attract visitors and residents to the shopping district.

A $15,000 grant from Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) funded the creation of the murals, and members of the Creston Neighborhood Association selected artists from the neighborhood based on proposals submitted.

Michael Pfleghaar's "Into The Garden" graces a former entryway into the Plainfield United Methodist Church building at Spencer and Plainfield. The painting invites passersby to gaze through the painted-on iron gates into an imaginary botanical garden of red, greens and blues.

"Should be Culture" by artist Nathan Goddard brings the outside wall of Jimmy's Chicken and Ribs to life. Goddard's inspiration came from famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Piet Mondrian, and includes images of enormous paintbrushes symbolizing Creston as a work in progress.

"LISC wanted to help the Creston neighborhood accomplish what it envisioned in their community charrette, and one of the things they envisioned was public art," says Tom Pfister, LISC program officer. "I think this art translates into there's something afoot in Creston, there's more than meets the eye. Our neighborhoods that surround downtown are critical to Grand Rapids. We see it as a visual cue of the positive energy and quality of life a place has to offer."

Source: Tom Pfister, Local Initiatives Support Corporation; Creston Neighborhood Association

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