Trap Yoga: A future-forward way of doing yoga lands at the Baxter Community Center

Friday, Jan. 10, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Baxter Community Center, 935 Baxter Street SE
Over the years, Rapid Growth has featured as well as highlighted the many ways yoga has evolved or been presented in our community, from its early origins in our region, to yoga on paddleboards on Reeds Lake, to even exercising alongside and with baby goats

Yes, yoga has many ways it is presented here in West Michigan today.

So when we were presented with a chance to share an event called Trap Yoga, we were like, “Oh, hell yeah!!” It is 2020, a new decade, so why not?!?

What is special about this particular style of yoga arriving on Friday night at the Baxter Community Center is that it is not just a cost-barrier free event. It is also a fundraiser for the nonprofit H.O.A.P. (or Helping Our Adolescents Prosper) that is serving the community in a beautiful manner through their mission.

Organizers are suggesting a $20 per person donation and/or to bring a natural hair care product/service.

Things to consider if you are looking to attend:

First, if you enjoy trap-style music and yoga, then, by all means, this is the class for you. 

Second, if you have the means to pay the suggested or donate something, please do … and please be generous. Also, we enjoy that the organizers of this special event have made it clear that no one will be turned away because they do not have funds for admission.

And lastly, this special Trap Yoga session will be led by Kayla Morgan, who is the owner of Resilient Roots Yoga — a local business whose mission is to provide a safe space for persons of color to reset and recharge via yoga from the race-based trauma they often encounter in their daily walk. 

The funds raised at Trap Yoga benefit H.O.A.P. — an organization who, according to their mission statement, seeks “to help our adolescents prosper to reach and experience their greatest potential.” Their vision is to break the unhealthy generational cycles of abuse, neglect, and poverty while striving to keep families united and preparing them to prosper.

To read more about H.O.A.P. please visit their site.
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