Holland energy-reducing innovation lights Grand Rapids parking garage on-demand

A Holland design firm grabbed the national spotlight this month with an industrial lighting solution that could save parking garages and factories money by drastically reducing the amount of energy needed for lighting. The system also augments any existing security system.

According to excerpts from the story:

Lighting systems to illuminate tiers of parking garages are creating a hot new niche for a Holland design business, Twist HDM. In mid-May, the young business made big news at a Denver trade show, taking home "best in show" from the International Parking Institute for the company's LimeLight wireless lighting system. And earlier this month, 75 wireless, linked fixtures, each with three programmable fluorescent tubes, were installed as a pilot project in the Ellis Parking Co. downtown garage at Pearl Street NW, east of Monroe Avenue.

In the company name, HDM is an abbreviation for high-density mesh, the wireless, two-way virtual blanket of communication that controls banks of lights by computer. The combination of efficient lighting and programmable control adds up to big savings, TwistHDM President Lee Eilers said. Garages that use high-intensity lighting elements burn 210 watts, compared with 111 watts for the fluorescents, he said.

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