Saugatuck ranks high on United Kingdom travel list for rail getaways

Gas prices are on the rise across the nation and, as Americans are returning to the less costly adventure of rail travel for family vacations, one travel expert from the United Kingdom touts the Chicago to Saugatuck (via Holland) line as particularly delightful.

According to excerpts from the story:

While the American Automobile Association suggests that the traditional family road trip is under threat from the $4 gallon, Amtrak, the oft-beleaguered US rail operator, hit record seat sales and revenue this year. It might not be a return to the glory days of the 1930s and 1940s (although they still yell “All aboard!” and have uniformed Red Cap porters), but as the ardour for SUVs and airports cools, America is heading back to the tracks.

All aboard for: Saugatuck, a cute Victorian resort town on the shores of Lake Michigan, a world away from the hard-edged steel-and-glass towers of Chicago. There are soft-sand beaches, board-walks, soaring sand dunes, chain ferries across the Kalamazoo River and paddle-boats on the lake.

Read the complete story here.


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