Grand Rapids CAA says $1M in interactive digital art will make city memorable to conventioneers

Some $1 million in interactive digital art may generate such memorable virtual scenes in Grand Rapids' Skywalk that conventioneers and other visitors will come back for more. Could the enclosed Skywalk, a key factor in helping the city attract conventions during winter months and currently a long uninteresting walk, become a showpiece for the city?

According to excerpts from the story:

Imagine playing virtual volleyball on a Grand Haven beach in the enclosed skywalk that runs from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel to the entrance of DeVos Place. Or imagine watching your shadow build a snowman on a prominent site in Grand Rapids while standing in that same skywalk. Then imagine that the Convention and Arena Authority can find the revenue to turn these and other virtual experiences into reality.

MacKeigan “I think we’re looking at $1 million for three sections,” said Rich MacKeigan, CAA executive director. Members of the CAA Operations Committee participated last week in a demonstration of the multi-sensory experiences nodes they are considering adding to portions of the skywalk to give visitors to the convention center a memorable impression of the city.
“If they’re coming in for a convention, we want them to come back. Or if they’re coming in for a (site) visit, we want them to come back,” said MacKeigan.

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