New organization seeks to catalyze the mobile technology scene in West Michigan

Mobile is Doug Lang's world. As a professional pilot, he flies all over the country. As an entrepreneur, Lang co-founded Red Pigeon, a marketing company with a focus on mobile technology. Now his latest mobile venture is as an organizer of the Grand Rapids chapter of Mobile Monday.

Mobile Monday is an international organization that works with local, regional, national and global businesses within the mobile ecosystem.  

According to Lang, the organization has three objectives.

"First, there is networking within the mobile space," he says.

Lang is quick to point out that this goes beyond service providers like Verizon and Sprint. "Marketers, developers, engineers and carriers are all involved," he says. "It's all encompassing."

The other two objectives of the organization are education and global outreach. "We want an exchange of this information from a global perspective," he says.

From the perspective of being a professional pilot involved in mobile marketing through Red Pigeon, Lang sees the increased demand for mobile tools growing everyday. "It's the space where everything is going," he says. "I travel extensively through major cities and see this technology being used in many ways."

Although Grand Rapids "is not quite there yet" in comparison to other major cities with the use of mobile technology, it is very close and "ready for a big leap forward."

The theme of the first meeting is: "4G what does it mean to me?" at the JW Marriott on Monday, July 11 with networking beginning at 5:30 p.m. This event is being co-sponsored by Verizon Wireless.

For more details you can visit their site here.

Source Doug Lang, Red Pigeon and Mobile Monday
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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