Ideomed moves forward with Abriiz, a web-based tool to manage chronic asthma

Abriiz has hit several milestones since our March profile and is "making a real difference in lives" while still in product development, says Keith Brophy, president. "We have about 15 families engaged in a focus study, providing feedback and survey responses. Our team is analyzing the feedback and revising the application," he says.

Brophy says the work with Abriiz is similar to other tech projects he has been involved with, but creating a solution within the healthcare system has added multiple complexities.

"There is a wide degree of variability of how families cope with asthma," he says. "Our solution has to have an extreme focus on detail and fit smoothly into the lifestyle and flow of life. There has to be a relationship between our users, stakeholders and the software."

Expanding on the importance of the "extreme focus" needed, Brophy outlines the multiple relationships involved with asthma care: patient, family, teachers, nurses, physicians and other caregivers.  

To address this complexity, Brophy relies on his expert team (currently seven staff members), external vendors and software developers, and an advisory board, which includes Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

The software application of Abriiz is based on research into behavioral change. Brophy identifies the "four pillar approach" that his team is taking with the development: education (on asthma) incentives (for adherence), reminders (scheduled dosages) and motivation, which Brophy stresses as being critical. There needs to be a "nurse or coach on the shoulder of the asthma patient with ongoing friendly encouragement," he says.

In September, Abriiz will be carrying out a year-long pilot program in rural Georgia where asthma is a significant issue to explore the educational element in more detail.

To learn more about Abriiz, you can visit their website here.

Source: Keith Brophy, Ideomed
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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