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Speak to the head and the heart: Creating connections through your pitch

Small business owners may feel like pitches and pitch competitions are high-pressure, fast-paced events, only focused on new business ideas. Local entrepreneurs prove that pitch competitions actually provide individuals with funding, networking opportunities, and free exposure.

Natalie Topalian

RapidChat: Natalie Topalian

"How do I distinguish myself in a saturated market?" Unfortunately, there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution to this ever- evolving writing dilemma. Of course, there are ways you can set yourself up for success none the less. Junior Copywriter at The Image Shoppe, Natalie Topalian speaks to some of ways she has been able to cut through the clutter and assert herself as a cheeky young writer.


Deal makers: how two local women launched money-saving websites

All hail the queens of frugal blogging! Jolon Hull hunts coupon deals for metro Grand Rapids savers, and Cindy Curtis turns up discounts for those who buy locally. Why are you spending so much, they ask.


Vizidef Wants to Put Idle Storefronts to Work in Downtown Grand Rapids

Vacant shop windows may soon be sources of information and advertising for those who stroll along Monroe Center, if Marcel Thibert and Steven Miller have their way. With their Vizidef system, they hope to brighten even the most forelorn empty storefront.


The 3rd D for Diversified Data

For Mike Glupker and Pete Houlihan, now is the time to take the plunge into new technology in digital printing that makes images come off the page. What is it like to see the world in 3-D at Diversified Data.
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