RapidChat: Trevor Straub on mimosas, delicious food, and drag queens

Trevor Straub and the GR Drag Brunch crew are putting a new spin on what Sunday Funday looks like around town.
Trevor Straub and the GR Drag Brunch crew are putting a new spin on what Sunday Funday looks like around town.
Rapid Growth: What inspired the inception of GR Drag Brunch?

Trevor Straub: Our entire concept came into fruition after attending several drag shows at Rumors Nightclub in Grand Rapids. Together our team realized the incredible talent within our city and through this, we want to bring a new type of experience to all communities!

RG: Who else is helping you run this experience?

TS: I have a wonderful team: David and Jess. We work close together but each have designated roles to make sure everything is being accounted for.

RG: What exactly goes into the production of these events?

TS: We work hard in prepping for the main events. Coordinating with each restaurant, scouting for talent, improving our website, and managing all social media outlets.

RG: Has most of your promotion been through word of mouth and social media?

TS: Yes. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing with FOX17, Wood TV8, and GR Mag.

RG: To what extent are your participating Queens involved in the production?

TS: The Queens work independently each week towards bringing their visions to life. Nearly everything you see in our shows is self-made.

RG: How did you originally get them on board with the idea?

TS: We have worked closely with two of our full-time Queens from day one. Listening to their voices and needs, then applying those to the entire concept has been really helpful. I think this is much a part of our immediate success.

RG: How are the Queens compensated for their involvement?

TS: Each of our Queens are compensated on a private booking fee, but MOST importantly they perform for tips, so don't forget to bring your dollar bills!

RG: Why brunch?

TS: To give the Queens a new outlet. Typically, drag is an evening type show, so we wanted to do something new, different, and get these girls in front of people who maybe would have never witnessed the art before. Mimosas, delicious food, and drag queens is really the perfect Sunday funday!

RG: Have the events been well received by the community?

TS: The Grand Rapids community has been absolutely amazing. So receptive, so respectful, and it seems everyone is just as excited as we are!

RG: How does GR Drag Brunch tie into the larger GR Drag community?

TS: The Drag community is always evolving and reaching such a large and new demographic of people today. I think Rupaul has made a huge influence in bringing awareness to all communities. We are partners with “War on the Catwalk” at DeVos Performance Hall which will feature queens from Season 10 of Rupaul’s drag race. We want to include all communities and make a unique, fun, and memorable experience for everyone!

RG: What has been one of your favorite show moments so far?

TS: This past weekend during our show at The Woods, we opened our show with a group production number. It was so amazing to watch the audiences react to not only seeing one drag queen, but four at once, and for some audience members they’ve never even seen a drag queen before.

RG: What can the audience expect to experience at one of these events?

TS: Our productions are a bit unpredictable, but you can bet you will experience some of Grand Rapids’ newest and finest eats, the most professional Queens, and ultimately a vibrant experience!

RG: Can any restaurant interested get involved in the festivities?

TS: Absolutely. We have been contacted by several of our restaurant venues so far, and we are always eager to create new partnerships. It’s quite flattering to be asked to bring our shows into these great establishments, and work together!

RG: Is it seasonal? Or can we expect to see GR Drag Bunch continue on into the fall and winter months?

TS: We 100 percent plan to continue year round. We have some really exciting holiday plans that we are working on and strive to make the entire concept and experience even bigger! We really want to keep improving and bring Grand Rapids the most professional show!

Jenna Morton is the RapidChat correspondent for Rapid Growth Media.
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