Development News Jimmy Smith

Big names Do More Good at national nonprofit branding conference

Five world-renowned professionals with nonprofit branding expertise wowed representatives from roughly 150 nonprofits attending the Do More Good Conference on Grand Rapids’ west side on October 10.

Innovation News springgr3

SpringGR open house celebrated expansion and its innovative services for area entrepreneurs

An October 9 open house event celebrated SpringGR’s expansion into a permanent space at the westside Goei Center.

Feature Story Citizen Labs

UIX: Citizen Labs’ volunteer data scientists are making a difference with maps

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Citizen Labs' work is a photo album, one that's connecting open-sourced data points from regional nonprofits and government to informative and interactive web-based dashboards, and keeping residents throughout the state informed of the actions their government is taking.

Feature Story WRC-9783

Mass incarceration and women: How two Grand Rapids programs help those returning overcome barriers

Mass incarceration is an epidemic eating away at our communities, and women face unique barriers when reentering society. Meet two nonprofits working to support these women with employment, housing, childcare, and one-on-one mentorship.

Feature Story Central District Cyclery

The Grand Rapids neighborhood using public murals as a catalyst for community art conversations

In the Creston neighborhood, local artists have taken on art accessibility as their personal mission in the form of colorful, expansive outdoor murals, hoping to beautify their outdoor spaces while inviting neighbors and visitors into a moment of artistic exploration.

Development News ambiance gr

Ambiance GR Kitchen & Lounge to put unique spin on dining and entertainment

Opening in November, Ambiance GR Kitchen & Lounge will serve American food infused with Cajun and creole options, pour fine wines and spirits, and host live music within its Ledyard Building location on the corner of Ottawa Avenue and Pearl Street.

Innovation News Mark Eastburg

Pine Rest/Spectrum Health teletherapy options expand mental health care to more Michigan residents

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is partnering with Spectrum Health, via its Spectrum Health Now app, to expand mental health services to more people in need throughout the entire state via telephone sessions with licensed therapists.

Feature Story Juan Carlos Angulo

RapidChat: Juan Carlos Angulo on the process of petitioning permanent U.S. residence

It’s been a long process since Juan Carlos Angulo first moved to Michigan from Mexico City. Three years later, Rapid Growth follows up with him on his demanding journey from work visa to U.S. residency.

Feature Story Alison Arnold gives a presentation on trauma-informed care to CMU's Association for the Education of Young Children.

Here's how educators are learning to empathetically foster resilience in children affected by trauma

Traumatic events are sadly common in childhood, but the practice of trauma-informed education is helping to better understand and support the children who experience them.

Feature Story home repair services

Predatory loans & the local economy: Nonprofits help borrowers mitigate risk & repair their finances

For those with no, limited, or negative credit, having access to capital is increasingly challenging. As such, predatory loans have seen an uptick and are targeting segments of the population. Local organizations including North Kent Connect and Home Repair Services are working to assist community members improve their financial literacy and avoid predatory practices.

Feature Story middle market

Las organizaciones ayudan a los prestatarios reparar sus finanzas después los préstamos depredadores

Para aquellos sin crédito, limitado o negativo, tener acceso al capital es cada vez más difícil. Como tal, los préstamos predatorios dirigidos a ciertos segmentos de la población están aumentando. Las organizaciones locales, incluidos North Kent Connect y Home Repair Services, están trabajando para ayudar a los miembros de la comunidad a mejorar su educación financiera y evitar prácticas predatorias.

Feature Story Denavvia Mojet

G-Sync: The Black and Brown Cannabis Guild's Denavvia Mojet on GR's first Expungement Resource Fair

On a rainy Saturday morning while many folks were warm and dry safely ensconced inside all over the city, a group of individuals, many of whom had traveled from all around the state, were standing outside in a line during this fall downpour waiting to get inside LINC UP’s gallery for the first Expungement Resource Fair.

Development News Organic parks

Kids, pets, and pollinators play it safe at Grand Rapids’ organic parks

Grand Rapids is implementing organic methods at Heartside, Highland, Ted Rasberry Field, and Kensington parks. In place of chemicals that cause cancer, asthma, and bee colony collapse, these parks will boast turfs grown with organically composted, aerated soils that create a healthy medium for grass to grow without synthetic chemicals.

Innovation News outdoor074

Plaster Creek Park “Sneak Peek”: Key City collaborations connect children to nature

Collaboration between City of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Wege Foundation, and Children & Nature Network created Burton Elementary and Middle Schools' outdoor classroom and more at Plaster Creek Park.

Feature Story Studio C

New Studio Park is so much more than a movie theatre

The new $160 million, 62,500-square-foot mixed-use development project Studio Park opens this fall and will include Celebration Cinema, One Twenty Three Tavern, The Listening Room, and so much more.

Feature Story Dana Doll

RapidChat: Dana Doll & Michelle Hoexum on Opportunity Zoning implications for Treetops Collective

By structuring their new project with donations and opportunity zone investments, Dana Doll, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Treetops Collective — who focuses on connecting New American women with their new community—is excited to partner with investors and donors in restoring a 100 year old building on the South Division Corridor. With the help of Michelle Hoexum, CEO of Propeller, they will be building out new spaces, enabling them to partner with other leaders who are working with New American families.

Feature Story Velocity Research

G-Sync: Velocity Research’s Dugan Karnazes on adding more money to freelancers' pockets

Dugan Karnazes enters our local scene with his startup Velocity Research that is changing our community’s freelancers and businesses for the better.

Feature Story Mel Trombley.

For new moms, mood disorders are more common than you think – but here's how we can help

20% to 25% of women are at risk for first-time onset of mental illness after they give birth. But proactive interventions, support systems for moms who suffer, and more open-minded discourse can make a difference.

Development News hive

MomHIVE offers work-from-home mothers co-working, community, and childcare

At momHIVE, women connect in a lovely coworking space that provides an environment where they can focus on creating career success. They escape the isolation and interruptions of working from home to focus on work, forge friendships, and relax, knowing their little ones are a few steps away.

Feature Story Christina Pavlak.

Michigan’s home visiting programs bring support to new parents

A wide range of perinatal home visiting programs bring professional support to Michigan's new moms and moms-to-be, helping to fill the void of community support and develop vital skills. 

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