Feature Story APIAVote-MI attend the October 20th Detroit public hearing

Community groups look to convince redistricting commission to change state maps

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will listen to public comments in Lansing and Detroit this December as they prepare to vote on the maps representing Michigan’s new political districts on Thursday, Dec. 30. Here’s how area nonprofits are approaching what could be the final month of discourse.

Development News Steve Grumm

Ramped-up expungement program will help deserving Kent County residents gain a “clean slate”

Legal Aid of Western Michigan will launch a three-year criminal record expungement project to help Kent County residents access better jobs, housing and education opportunities by moving on from long-past mistakes.

Feature Story MSOH episode 5 art

PODCAST: Reconnecting to behavioral health care in a time of crisis

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into  how COVID-19 helped raise awareness of the importance of behavioral health – and how to support Michiganders through the long-term behavioral health issues COVID is likely to create.

Longform Scott Hutchins, school mental health and Medicaid consultant for the Michigan Department of Education Office of Health and Nutrition Services.

Michigan schools adopt new software to expand mental health services

All 56 of the state's ISDs now have access to a software product for managing behavioral health referrals, screenings, treatment plans, and more.

Feature Story KDL bookmobile

KDL addresses barriers due to poverty

Despite having a treasure trove of free resources — many of which are available to local residents, even without a library card — there are still barriers preventing community members from access. Whether it’s lack of transportation, basic food needs or career development, Kent District Library has programs and partnerships to help support our underserved community members.

Feature Story Miigwech, Inc. members dressed in traditional attire addressed the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission at a public hearing in Lansing in October.

Nonprofit organizes trips to redistricting hearings to provide platform for Native American voices

“Even though this was about redistricting, it was even more of a way for us to say: Number one, you’re on our lands, and you should include us in everything. And number two, we're everywhere. We're in every voting neighborhood. We're in every voting bloc. We are all over the place,” says Meredith Kennedy, executive director of the Miigwech, Inc. nonprofit organization.

Feature Story family COVID

Navigate family gatherings by setting a ‘comfort baseline’

The spread of COVID-19 is still a risk when unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals get together. Here’s how you can navigate your schedule of family gatherings while seeking to keep yourself and loved ones healthy.

Development News STEM Greenhouse

Black, woman engineer addresses STEM at the roots

STEM Greenhouse provides children of color with classes and role models who inspire them to pursue careers in science, math and other fields where Black, Brown and other underrepresented faces have not been traditionally seen.

Feature Story MSOH episode 4 art

PODCAST: Can COVID help us close gaps in Michigan's food supply chain?

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into how COVID strained Michigan's food system – and how we all can help to strengthen it.

Longform COVID vaccination

Under-recognized frontline workers help spread word on COVID-19 vaccine in Michigan

Community health workers have been integral to getting the word out about COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness. 

Feature Story Ollie Howie

Joining a movement: New Community Transformation Fund promotes diversity at all levels

The New Community Transformation Fund is an investment fund focused on increasing inclusivity and improving economic equity for POC-owned businesses. Welcoming its first Managing Director, Ollie Howie, the Fund is focused on securing additional capital and completing its first investments.

Feature Story Even under the best of conditions, seasonal and migrant farmworkers toil long, exhausting hours in extreme weather conditions, possibly exposed to pesticides. 

Migrant Legal Aid’s Fair Food Pledge works to alleviate migrant farmworker injustices

Migrant Legal Aid’s Fair Food Pledge is a partnership with food retailers and produce growers that has set standards for treating farmworkers fairly and ethically.

Feature Story MSOH episode 3 art

PODCAST: Combating older adults' loneliness during COVID – and beyond

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into how COVID-19 raised awareness of the challenges Michigan's older adults face – and how to better address them.

Longform Dr. Leslie Pelkey, Cherry Health’s chief medical officer.

Lack of broadband access is a barrier to health care – and Michigan is aiming to eliminate it

COVID-19 exposed Michigan's digital divide, and its sobering effect on residents' ability to access health care during the pandemic. But efforts are underway to address it.

Partner Content The Thumb Blessing Box on the Thumbody Express.

Thumb-area collaboration blesses bus riders with food and more

For over a decade, Tuscola County Intermediate School District has worked with Michigan Fitness Foundation to respond to needs in the community by delivering nutrition education and physical activity promotion through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education programs. 

Development News j gracia

More Grand Rapids businesses now eligible for Small Business COVID Adaptation grants

City of Grand Rapids Economic Development Office has expanded eligibility for Small Business COVID Adaptation Program grants to include Grand Rapids Neighborhoods of Focus and six Corridor Improvement Authorities.

Feature Story A Grand Rapids employee at work in the control room of the city's water department.

Project aims to build pipeline to careers in the water industry

GRCC, the city of Grand Rapids, and Bay College are partnering to prepare people for careers in the water industry. The project is supported by an EPA grant. 

Feature Story MSOH episode 2 art

PODCAST: From health inequity to a "hyperjump" for Michigan

On this week's episode of Michigan's State of Health, we're digging into  how COVID-19 has helped to raise awareness of Michigan's health inequities and the importance of addressing them.

Partner Content Amy St. Germain, a nutrition educator at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, works as a Farmers Market Food Navigator at the Muskegon Farmers Market.

Food Navigators deliver healthy food to the people

While many farmers markets draw people to their location to buy local fresh fruits and vegetables, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids takes the farmers market to the people of Muskegon Heights. 

Longform A DIGs workshop on asemma, or tobacco.

Here's how the UP's Debweyendan Indigenous Gardens build health, community, and food sovereignty

The sprawling community gardens aim to celebrate and preserve the knowledge and cultural identity of tribal people living in and around the village of L’Anse.