Small Business

Feature Story Books

Michigan authors you should be reading on vacation

Development News blueprint

The Blueprint Collaborative takes coworking to an entrepreneurial level

Innovation News INgoldcoast

Doula group changing the paradigm in West Michigan

Feature Story Ken Bair is the store manager of the new Bridge Street Market.

Neighborhoods of GR: WestSide evolution continues

Feature Story Olvera

Making it in GR: Adapting an engineering mindset to entrepreneurship

Feature Story bcorp

For the Benefit of all: West Michigan B-Corps proliferate

Feature Story fulton heights

Neighborhoods of GR: The quiet buzz of Fulton Heights

Feature Story RG Start Garden 100 Ideas

Taking the first step toward moving the needle: Start Garden's 100 Ideas

Feature Story RBatomic

Rapid Blog: HQ and Atomic Object band together to fight youth homelessness

Innovation News work

Where to work it in a West Michigan Winter

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